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Kenyan Companies Selected For The Google’s Startups Accelerator Africa 2020

Google has announced a new class of startups in the Google startups programme that was formed six years ago. This startup accelerator that started six years ago and was recently known as Launchpad. This google initiative is meant to connect startups around the world with google staff, Networks, Methodologies and technologies.

 It was introduced in Africa in march 2018 and has worked in over 40 countries.

This year Google will be hosting an extra 8 startups making it 20 up from 12 startups in the previous programme. According to Google, the Africa class will be done virtually as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic that has changed how things are done in the globe.

The programme will run for three months with a virtual boot camp every month. The exercise begins on June  29th and is expected to end on September 11th.

The aim of this programme is to leverage google technologies and people. 

In Kenya 6 startups were selected and they include:-

  • AmiTruck – Cargo logistics Related Platform
  • Buupass – Transport Startup
  • Crediation – lending Services Platform
  • Ilara Health – Health diagnostic Platform
  • Uza Point – Enterprise Resource Planning Platform
  • Zuka Data Science – Integrated learning Platform


Besides Kenya other countries that had their startups selected include, Nigeria that had eight Slots, South Africa -Two, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Ghana which had one startup each.

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